Your Wedding Gift Should Be Thoughtful and You Can Enjoy Your Wedding Party Celebration

Your Wedding Gift Should Be Thoughtful and You Can Enjoy Your Wedding Party Celebration

Summer is a season for weddings as well and this early I have already received several invitations. Weddings are, for me, always anticipated. But with the excitement comes the problem of what gift to give as I hate to think that my gift will be one of those that will be relegated to the storeroom forever.

Before the wedding, you also have to go to the bridal shower, and then I would also have to buy another gift, which makes it two gifts to think of and also enjoy a wedding party celebration.

Bridal Shower

For the bridal shower, you can readily get your gift from the wedding registry. If you go to the store promptly, you can have the first choice and get a good gift which you really want to give to the bride.

But if you delay your visit to the store long after you have received the invitation, the presents there would more or less just be leftovers and you have little to choose from. Anyway, gifts for bridal showers are comparatively easier to get than that big wedding gift.

Wedding Present – More Thought Required

It would be nice if one could give gifts that gave some consideration because then it becomes more specific to the newlyweds. A good illustration of this is if I know that the couple is outdoors persons, I gift them with a lovely picnic basket complete with bottles of their favorite wine. If I give them a kitchen appliance, I combine it with some good recipes or a user-friendly cookbook.

Personally, I believe that wedding gifts should be portable to facilitate transporting them from the wedding party to the couple’s residence. You should also remember that factor because transporting all those gifts could become a little tricky.

On some occasions, gifts to the newlyweds follow the customs of the place where the wedding is done. Some regions in the country give money as gifts so much so if it is being given by immediate members of the family. Meanwhile, in our location, you will see very few gifts on the table while cards with money in it are aplenty. In the Midwest region, guests give material gifts, seldom money.

I am certain I will be able to procure suitable gifts for my forthcoming weddings and as usual, I will put so much thought into whatever gift I decided to give. Whatever I choose to give in the end I just have to keep in mind that in gift-giving, it is the thought that counts. If still, my creativity fails me, then a cash gift will be my fallback. This, I am sure will also be acceptable.

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