Inspirations, Tips, and Ideas for Your Perfect Baby Party

Inspirations, Tips, and Ideas for Your Perfect Baby Party

We love to see your baby shower photos and testimonials and look forward to showing you Sabrina’s lovingly designed mustache baby shower! Sabrina writes in her blog Starlights in the Kitchen about everything beautiful to do with baking, cooking, and soon to be a mom.

She went to great lengths for her own baby-shower – she wasn’t surprised by her friends but prepared the entire sweet table and the decorations herself. Respect, dear Sabrina, I know from my own experience how difficult it is to plan your own baby shower with a round belly.

Even more, if it is to be perfect

And of course, the mustache-themed baby shower turned out perfect! With the trendy mustache motif, you can immediately see that a little man will soon be taken into the hearts of Sabrina and her family and friends.

Sabrina has spiced up our pastel blue paper cups with a wide variety of mustache shapes, own print-able with “Oh Boy!” and designed “Little Man” labels that were used as cupcake picks and brownie picks, added mustache stickers to small guest gift bags, and even the small milk bottles all had black mustaches.

Baby shower games

As a baby shower game idea, Sabrina thought of letting her friends guess the exact due date. Each guest received a lovingly designed calendar – with a black mustache, of course – and was able to enter their assumptions. Sabrina is now keeping the bets and now it’s time to wait and see who was right!

Another nice game idea for your baby shower was to have your guests fill out a kind of guest book. Your friends could enter who they are, how they liked the baby shower, and what they wanted to give the little man along the way.

The personal congratulations will soon bring tears of joy to Bald Mama Sabrina’s eyes, once her hormone levels are fully focused on being a baby and being a mom. (I know that too well from my own experience.

Sabrina was surprised by her friends with practical and sugar-sweet gifts for her little husband. But she didn’t go away empty-handed either: A stylish “I Love Mustache” t-shirt was presented to her and all the baby shower guests signed on it. If that’s not a great idea!

You can find Sabrina’s experience report with more about her thinking.

Dear Sabrina, we wish you and your little man a carefree rest of pregnancy and cozy hours when he is finally with you.

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