First Birthday Party for the Little Captain

First Birthday Party for the Little Captain

You probably know the feeling: your little son, not even a year old, has the family under control like a captain controls his ship and his crew. The little captain steers the whole family with his wishes and needs and even if there are stormy and strenuous times to be endured from time to time, we as parents cannot imagine a better boat trip.

These thoughts went through my head when I was planning our son Anton’s first birthday. I, therefore, decided very quickly on the maritime ship Ahoi decoration that goes wonderfully with a little captain. In the weeks before his birthday, I got more and more ideas on how I could design the sweet table with a maritime theme. There are great symbols and accessories for shipping, beaches, and the sea!

So it got rather complicated with the question of how I can skillfully stage the boat, lifebuoys, and message in a bottle, shells, and the right party decorations. I didn’t want to hire an agency to plan the perfect sweet table for me and my son; I wanted to get creative myself. The idea that one day he will say “Man, Mom, you did that?!” is very tempting.

Sailboat sweet table

The idea of ​​presenting the complete sweet table in the form of a sailing boat ran through my head quite by accident and never let go of me. The table itself as the hull and behind it the sail, that’s it! Of course, dad had to take care of the hull, off to the hardware store, and get wood and paint so that mum got her to wish fulfilled.

When I thought of the sail, I immediately thought of our dear friend Anne Svea, who loves to sail herself and is an ace in sewing, is. She conjured me the sail made of white fabric and with a large one on it. A large life preserver was attached to the hull and blue chain balloons served as water under the boat. The ship “swam”, now only the candy buffet had to be filled.

I got active support from the mobile cake workshop in Berlin: Diandra and her team created the perfect motif cake for our little captain and his guests.

I had shown them our decoration series in advance and only said that they would make the right cake there. But what they then gave me exceeded my expectations by far! I – and of course all the guests who arrived – were blown away by this great Motvi cake for the first birthday.

Doesn’t it fit like a fist in the eye? The colors red, blue, and white, the maritime symbols, and the sailing boat were so beautifully staged on and around the cake that it was the absolute highlight on our boat-shaped sweet table.

Other delicacies that Anton’s aunt and I prepared were small cake boats, sailing boat cake pops (instead of forming balls, I used the sailing boat cookie cutter for the dough and poked the stems into the boats), blue jelly with melon, and apple Sailing boats, large anchor biscuits, cupcakes with matching colored frosting, blue-red-white mini-smurfs, blue and red Haribo strings and candies with anchor motifs and fizzy candies with “Ahoi” lettering. They fit the topic so wonderfully; I was really excited when I discovered them in the receipt store.

Maritime decoration and accessories

Painted wooden letters with the words “Ahoi”, small wooden sailing boats and mini lifebuoys as napkin holders, a porthole garland with photos of our son from the first 12 months, and our party decorations together with the sailing boat sweet table made our small terrace a maritime one Highlight – the only thing missing was the sound of the sea and the sounds of the seagulls.

Anton himself wore a blue and white striped summer body with a sailing ship application and a first birthday medal from Anne Svea. So that he could make a mess while feasting on his first birthday cake, I painted him a bib with a lighthouse, anchor, and sailboat. He’s still wearing the bib months after his birthday and always makes me think back to the happy birthday with a smile.

In order not to make the first party too strenuous for Anton, we split up the family and celebrated his first birthday on two weekends. For the second party, he got a zoo party, at which I could let off steam with decoration. Here you can find the details of the 1st birthday with the motto zoo party.

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