The Best Hen Night Party in Blackpool

The Best Hen Night Party in Blackpool

I choose to share this and tell you about my Black-pool hen party last year.
Initially, it was good, my friends set up a wonderful night, which they concealed from me most of the time, so you can understand it wracked my nerves guessing what they had planned for me!

I was very Leary even though no one planned to tie me up with only my underwear on or to strip me naked and tie me up, as it turned out. I have to say we come from Preston so Black-pool is not a long distance. The fun started when we met at a great meeting spot in town; we met at Washington.

It took me hours to decide what to wear and after all this, I chose my ‘dependable’ little black dress, but I shouldn’t have worried since my caring friends provided everything you could imagine, condoms, a veil, chocolate willy’s, and other X-rated objects, and additionally, an unmentionable huge vibrator that would make the most sexually active woman teary-eyed.

Men and women were giving us tons of attention

After that, the night went well, as I’m sure we hit every pub we could and we all got very drunk. I swore to myself and my fiancé that I would not overindulge myself with drinking so I could think clearly, but I couldn’t comprehend why I was dragging my words and raising my voice when I suggested some X-rated activities for my friends to do such as having male underwear snatching contest.

Shamelessly encouraging it to continue, they thought it was just hilarious.

Probably 50% of the Black-pool male population was scared to death when we yelped down the street sounding like crazed banshees, harassing any men we saw so they could give us their underwear. Thankfully, most everyone took it in stride, and we were able to collect about six pairs, of which my friend Hazel decided we should wear them around on our heads.

Then we arrived at Funny Girls in spite of feeling worn and torn, to say the least, the show was excellent.  This is a show for which I would surely advise all hens to spend some time in Black-pool for your special night. The men have bodies to die for with long legs!

It’s no wonder I was almost on my back, little did I realize that they had been spiking my drinks the entire night and by now I was so drunk that I requested a glass of coke.  We finally ended up in the Waterfront nightclub.

It didn’t take very long for me to hold up a long line to the bathroom because I wanted to say hi to hugely. Even though, I probably looked like crap, as I certainly felt like it.  We kept going for the rest of the night.

When the time for my bad feeling had passed on, we all held on to each other’s drunken arms and got on the minibus on our way home, but the night kept going on. They took me to one of my friend’s slats instead of home, and I found a surprise waiting for me, which was a stripper!

He had on a police uniform and said to me ‘I believe you have been disturbing the peace, madam’ as we exited the minibus. He provided a very steamy show to me once we were escorted inside. We all had a great laugh, but I was very embarrassed. I will not forget this quickly; it is definitely a night to remember.

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