Some Ideas for Your Charity Event

Some Ideas for Your Charity Event

Some organizer offers a wide range of charity events, for all budgets, ages, locations, etc. To give you an idea of some previous fantastic charity events, have a look below:

Fast ‘n’ Furious

Joe and his 15 friends had the time of their life on a Stag night tailored to suit ‘their’ tastes!!! The boys started their weekend in Nottingham by visiting a few of the more popular bars in the city, where some of them befriended a couple of the local girls – we’ll say no more lads! On Saturday, recovering, they eased themselves into the day with a round of golf.

To ease the pain of the ‘morning after’ they pursued the ideal hangover cure, needless to say, all their morning activities worked up quite an appetite. Having grabbed a bite to eat the boys were refueled for the next stage of the day – the buggy racing.

Emerging from their speed trials the group tidied them up and headed into town for a slap-up meal and a place to strut their stuff. The highlight of the night was the little ‘surprise’ that the boys had arranged for Joe – of course, we had nothing to do with it!

After a hectic night on the town, the boys recovered with a fry up before heading home to tell their other halves all the details of the weekend. Well, almost all of the details.

Heavenly Time

Wanting something a bit different and more personal than a typical hen night, Helen and 8 friends spent 2 nights in a luxury country hotel.

Friday night in the bar saw the first ‘hen’ surprise emerge – a lovingly prepared This Is Your Life book, with suitably embarrassing memories contained within! (Chief Bridesmaid Louise was very grateful for all the little ideas charity events organizer provided her with.)

Saturday saw the group tearing around the go-kart track. Some arguably dodgy tactics were displayed by the Bride-to-be in order to win herself the trophy! Thankfully the only strenuous activity to take place in the afternoon was choosing the colors for the makeover session.

Looking and feeling fantastic, the group hit the town. A lively restaurant, a specially prepared cake, and a set of angel wings for all helped to get Saturday night off to a swinging start. Amazing how much attention a heavenly host receives in pubs and clubs.

Word has it that a few halos slipped that night, but we couldn’t possibly comment!!!! After an unforgettable night, the perfect Sunday was spent recovering in the hotel sauna, Jacuzzi, and pool. A massage and a manicure proved the perfect end to a fantastic weekend.

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