Addictive Beach Sports for Active Seniors Event Planning

Addictive Beach Sports for Active Seniors Event Planning

Are you planning to book a beach vacation event but aren’t sure which activities and adventures to put on your itinerary? It can be tough for active older adults to find new sports to try: most of those “senior travel guides” focus more on the boardwalk attractions, cruises, and other low-impact activities.

This quick list of exciting excursion ideas is completely different. The activities listed below are perfect for vacationers who aren’t content with sitting under a sun umbrella all day. These activities are for the adrenaline-seekers of the world, seniors with a strong love for athleticism and competition.


Most people don’t realize how easy snorkeling is until they try it. If you can float, you can snorkel. People who aren’t comfortable with their swimming skills can wear a flotation device known as a snorkeling vest, specifically designed to help keep the body horizontal on the water – check out this selection of snorkeling equipment for vests and other safety devices.

Are you still unsure about going out into the open water? Just make sure you book your tour with a certified instructor: they have the training to keep you safe. Book with a smaller group for more personalized instruction.

Of course, snorkeling doesn’t have to be easy! If you’ve already mastered snorkeling and want to give yourself a fresh challenge, consider investing in a few free diving lessons. Freediving is just another term for swimming underwater – it’s like scuba diving but you just hold your breath instead of using compressed air. If you have the good lung capacity and plenty of energy, this can prove to be a wonderfully challenging sport for athletic seniors.

Kayaking and Canoeing

Kayaking along the coast is relaxing and invigorating at the same time. This activity can be as high-impact or as low-impact as you like; you are the one in control of the kayak and paddle so you get to decide how fast or slow you go. Canoeing is a little different but offers a few unique advantages: canoes are larger and more spacious, and they can hold more people, meaning that others can pick up a little bit of the slack if you get too tired or sore.

Kayaking and canoeing are both good forms of exercise that help to strengthen the back, shoulders, arms, and core, but without the feeling of having worked out. If you want something extra low-impact for comfort reasons, consider choosing a paddling tour that emphasizes sightseeing. Some tours specialize in bird watching excursions, others focus on skyline viewings… paddle tour operators are very creative when it comes to high-quality aquatic entertainment.

Beach Volleyball

No, not the same type of beach volleyball you see the college students playing – this section is about playing volleyball with a lightweight inflatable beach ball instead. Using a lightweight beach ball is a great way to move around and get some competitive exercise without having to worry about the extremely hard impact of a regular volleyball.

This sport is perfect when you need to entertain a large group of people, and even more perfect if that group of people has varying levels of physical ability. The cardio, excitement, and good-natured competition is top-notch.

If you are traveling with young kids or individuals who have limited mobility, you’ll find that beach ball volleyball is a very accessible sport almost anyone can play, even while seated. This guide might make it sound easy but it’s still quite a challenge if everyone is playing to win. Keep in mind that beach balls tend to go in unpredictable directions when hit, leading to good laughs and a genuinely good time all around.

Never Stop Exploring

Questions like “Am I too old to learn?” have no place at the beach. Nothing is impossible as long as you have high-quality instruction/supervision and the same goes for anyone of any age and any level of physical activity. If in doubt, get clearance from your doctor.

You’ll never run out of new beachside sports to try, and the search is half the fun! If you can’t find an activity that’s right for you, make sure to give the local tourism board a call – find out what the other older adults in the area are doing for fun.

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