Charity Events

Should Know All Scale of Charity Events

As you may or may not know, there are over 1,700 top professional event services from which you may choose. The key is to find the ones that will perform an extraordinary job for you and your non-profit/charity event in their collaboration with each other.

The service professionals and/or vendors we endorse and recommend are exceptional at what they do. They will work together with you to design an event that encompasses your style, flair, and needs on the big day.

You should be more than happy to provide your charity with more information regarding this package.

Charity Events Group is here for your next nonprofit event in New Jersey or anywhere in the United States. We also offer wedding planning in New Jersey or the United States, event planning in New Jersey or the United States, silent auction production in New Jersey or the United States.

Wedding design services in New Jersey or the United States, event design services in New Jersey or the United States, cheap event planners in New Jersey or the United States, cheap wedding planners in New Jersey or the United States and so much more.

Please note, in order to qualify for our donation rates you must book one event with us at any package rate, refer one organization to Charity Events Group and they must book and pay for our services. Depending on their package, you will receive the associated donation rate for that package.


Pricing and Donations Chart for example:

Package Rate: $1,500.00

Donation Rate: $500.00 *this is based on the terms above.

Lease note, if you may need a lower rate feel free to contact us! Your organization so we are willing to create a custom quote just for you.


Package Pricing and Donations Chart for example:

Package Rate: $2,500.00

Donation Rate: $800.00 *this is based on the terms above.

Please note, if you may need a lower rate to feel free to contact us! Your organization so we are willing to create a custom quote just for you.


Package Pricing and Donations Chart for example:

Package Rate: $3,000.00

Donation Rate: $1,100.00 *this is based on the terms above.

Please note, if you may need a lower rate to feel free to contact us! Your organization so we are willing to create a custom quote just for you.


Package Pricing and Donations Chart for example:

Package Rate: $5,000.00

Donation Rate: $2,000.00 *this is based on the terms above.

Please note, if you may need a lower rate to feel free to contact us! Your organization so we are willing to create a custom quote just for you!

Landing Page & Auction Page Design

Charity Events Group will design you a configurable landing page that will help you promote your event, preview auction items, link to ticket sales, promote sponsors, and more. We also will build an online auction page with individual tickets, sponsorships, underwriting, seating requests, and cash donations. Accept payments by credit card or check.

Charity Events

How to Plan Your Charity Events

Charity events that have been well planned can ensure that a larger crowd of guests, participants, and donors can be expected to attend. Unlike a drive or other more basic undertaking, charity events offer a range of attractions and other benefits that can allow hosts to draw from a larger pool of potential donors.

Teaching more about the many benefits that charity events have to offer, as well as how you can more effectively and successfully plan any events that you may be considering might not be an issue that you can afford to leave to chance.

Donors who may lack the funds and resources to give to more than one or two causes may be more easily swayed by charity events that can offer them far more than just the satisfaction of giving. The options and opportunities that you have to draw upon for your charity events may only be limited by your imagination.

Exploring the many resources, opportunities, and ideas that will allow you to better plan your charity events can be critical towards ensuring you are able to reach your goals and enjoy a more successful fundraising effort.

Charity events that will provide those with the same interests and passions the chance to meet and interact in person may be a far more appealing option for donors and philanthropists who have a more social agenda.

From dances and diners, the ways in which charity events can provide a more social and enjoyable environment may not be a concern that you can simply discount.

Planning your events or function around a venue, activity, or another social event can ensure you are able to attract a larger crowd and more easily and successfully raise achieve your fundraising goals.

Charity events that break the mold and provide a more unique and memorable experience for participants can help you raise awareness for your cause in more ways than you might realize.

Well planned and executed charity events that become the talk of the town can allow you to raise community awareness for the issues you are trying to champion and ensure an even greater turnout for any future charity events you may be considering.

Exploring the many different ways that your plans, venue, and attractions can make an even bigger impact on those in attendance is not a concern to be taken lightly.

From catering and venue rental to invitations and marketing efforts, seeking out and making use of the professionals and services that will allow you to enjoy greater success with your charity events and fundraising efforts can make a world of difference.

Even the best-funded and most well-intended charity events may fail to meet expectations should their planners be working without the resources, experience, and benefits that the right professionals and services may be able to provide.

Ensuring that you do not want for options or solutions in planning your charity events will allow you to make use of a wider range of opportunities and the better planning and execution you need to enjoy greater success.

Charity Events

You Should Know All About the Charity Events

The main focus of our work is creating, planning, and running fundraising events for charitable organizations. We can create event solutions for all sizes of organizations small and large, from an intimate event or a large black-tie dinner.

Listed below are a few ideas of events we have run. And don’t forget to check out our photo galleries from past events for more ideas of the venues and events we produce.

Race Day

Bring your supporters together for a great days racing and combine it with a hospitality package of food, speakers, and a live auction from a famous pundit and you’re on to a winning fundraiser! Pick a racecourse that suits your location or why not use our contacts at New-market Racecourse to produce a thrilling day.

Black Tie Dinner

Do you want to thank your loyal supporters and members by hosting a Gala dinner or hold an awards ceremony to recognize the work that an organization has done? We have the expertise to produce a high-quality black-tie function that will raise substantial funds for your charity.

Opera Event

Working closely with the London Festival Opera we could bring you a magnificent evening of operatic fun. Why not start your event off with a champagne reception before the performance and follow it with a sit-down meal. You can organize the whole event including location, performers, catering, and help you get the most out of your guest list.

Open Day

Do you want to open your grounds to show the public the fabulous work your charity does? Open days are a great way to generate interest in your charity, raise your profile in the community, and increase membership.

An open days take lots of organizing but we can take the hassle out of it for you by planning it and running it on the day. Do you want a dog show, display teams, children’s entertainment, and a host of stalls and catering facilities? We can help you plan the perfect day!

Golf Day

For a more relaxed event why not invite your supporters to a round of golf or two. We can organize golf tournaments at the course of your choice, including some of the leading golf courses across the UK. Finish off a great day of golf with lunch and prize giving, all arranged by us.

These are just some of the types of events we organize, if you have your own ideas and would like us to help you arrange an event we would be happy to hear from you.


The Best Birthday Party Celebration Ideas

A Few Unique Birthday Celebration Ideas

If you want to throw someone a party, something special, but you need birthday celebration ideas to make the event unique, the information provided should help.  Birthdays are important, especially for kids and teenagers so you want to give them a party they will remember for life.

Even adults like to have fun at parties so this is the opportunity to do something unexpected.  The great thing is that so many different birthday celebration ideas exist or you come up with some on your own.

Signed Tee Shirt – A great option, particularly for teenagers, is to have a birthday party that involves the signing of tee shirts.  For this, you can pick up a variety of tee shirts in different colors and sizes from your local retail store or hobby store and then provide guests with various markers, glues, paints, stencils, glitters, and so on.

In addition to having fun making the tee shirts, the kids have something to take home.  A great twist on this idea is to have everyone draw the name of another guest for which to make a shirt.

Personalized Slide Show – Another of our special birthday celebration ideas is great for teenagers but also adults.  This requires a little bit of planning but the goal is to pull some of the best, funniest, and sweetest photographs of the person from birth to present and then produce a slideshow.  Today, MS PowerPoint can be a great program for this and with an add-on installed, music and special effects could be used.

Themed Parties – Birthday celebration ideas also include creating a theme for the individual.  As an example, if you have a child who loves animals, then perhaps a farm or zoo themed party would be perfect.

If you have the budget and space, you might even consider renting ponies for the kids to ride or have a petting zoo set up.  If the child is a sports enthusiast, then the party could be created with a sports theme or involve a trip to a ballgame.

Hawaiian Luau – Another one of our birthday celebration ideas is to throw a luau.  While this would be best if you have an outdoor swimming pool but if not, you could always have the party at the local YMCA or community pool.

Then, use outdoor Tiki lighting, play Hawaiian music for Hula dancing, and so on.  If you live in the country and you have the budget and space, you could even have a real pig roast.

Memory Book – Another one of our birthday celebration ideas is to create a memory book for the guest of honor.  For this, ask each guest to bring a photograph or some small item that could be added to the book.  At the end of the party, the memory book would be presented so everyone could enjoy watching the birthday person look through it.

Dress Up – Little girls and boys love dressing up so choose an era or theme and then take a trip to the local thrift store to find appropriate clothing items.  After washing the clothes, you would simply set up a boy’s and girl’s room where everyone can find something fun to wear.

As you can see from the few birthday celebration ideas provided, you have tons of opportunities for making a birthday party something extraordinary using a little imagination and creativity.


Your Wedding Gift Should Be Thoughtful and You Can Enjoy Your Wedding Party Celebration

Summer is a season for weddings as well and this early I have already received several invitations. Weddings are, for me, always anticipated. But with the excitement comes the problem of what gift to give as I hate to think that my gift will be one of those that will be relegated to the storeroom forever.

Before the wedding, you also have to go to the bridal shower, and then I would also have to buy another gift, which makes it two gifts to think of and also enjoy a wedding party celebration.

Bridal Shower

For the bridal shower, you can readily get your gift from the wedding registry. If you go to the store promptly, you can have the first choice and get a good gift which you really want to give to the bride.

But if you delay your visit to the store long after you have received the invitation, the presents there would more or less just be leftovers and you have little to choose from. Anyway, gifts for bridal showers are comparatively easier to get than that big wedding gift.

Wedding Present – More Thought Required

It would be nice if one could give gifts that gave some consideration because then it becomes more specific to the newlyweds. A good illustration of this is if I know that the couple is outdoors persons, I gift them with a lovely picnic basket complete with bottles of their favorite wine. If I give them a kitchen appliance, I combine it with some good recipes or a user-friendly cookbook.

Personally, I believe that wedding gifts should be portable to facilitate transporting them from the wedding party to the couple’s residence. You should also remember that factor because transporting all those gifts could become a little tricky.

On some occasions, gifts to the newlyweds follow the customs of the place where the wedding is done. Some regions in the country give money as gifts so much so if it is being given by immediate members of the family. Meanwhile, in our location, you will see very few gifts on the table while cards with money in it are aplenty. In the Midwest region, guests give material gifts, seldom money.

I am certain I will be able to procure suitable gifts for my forthcoming weddings and as usual, I will put so much thought into whatever gift I decided to give. Whatever I choose to give in the end I just have to keep in mind that in gift-giving, it is the thought that counts. If still, my creativity fails me, then a cash gift will be my fallback. This, I am sure will also be acceptable.


The Best Unforgettable Destinations for Christmas Celebration

At present, Christmas has gradually become a global event regardless of location and religion. People all around the world are now celebrating this festival of joy.

If you are also waiting for the day, then today we are going to tell you about the most amazing places where you can double the fun of the Christmas celebration. Just take a look:

New York (USA):

World’s best destination to spend Christmas is none other than eclectic New York City. If you actually want to experience the best and a grand Christmas celebration, then nothing is better than this city.

Here in New York City, the concerned authorities used to place a 60-100 ft. tall tree and they decorate the tree with more than 550-pound decorative stars and around 30,000 lights. When you are in this city, you will feel like on cloud nine.

Barcelona (Spain):

If you want to experience the best ever Christmas celebration of your life, then head to Barcelona Spain this one of the most beautiful destinations to stay and celebrate Christmas. The outstanding fireworks and a magnificent parade of elephants and camels will surely take your heart away.

Nuremberg (Germany):

This gorgeous place holds a record of more than 2 million tourists every year for the Christmas celebration. This beautiful city possesses more than 200 vendors where they used to display the best creations to make the Christmas celebration even more wonderful and memorable.

Santa Claus (Indiana):

As the name suggests, this place is the perfect spot to capture the beautiful highlights of the Christmas celebration on your camera. During the Christmas celebration, the place turns into a dreamland. All the local shops and major attractions decorated in the Santa theme.

To get a home-like feel, this place is the perfect spot for you. The celebration here begins one week before the main eve. Hence, pack your bags and move to splendid Santa Claus.

Paris (France):

The ‘city of light’ can actually bring smiles to your faces when you are here for the Christmas celebration. The whole view during the Christmas celebration is mind-blowing. All the streets lined with beautiful and colorful lights.

The main attraction of Paris- the Eiffel Tower shines radiantly. Mesmerizing views and a wonderful atmosphere make this place as one of the best spots where you should visit at least once for the Christmas celebration.

The actual beauty and joy of this festival exist in the knowledge that the great Jesus Christ spread among us. If you want to feel the beauty of this festival, then choose the right destination to spend your Christmas.


The Dating When Older and Celebration Your Beautiful Life

Life never holds guarantees, and this is brought home often to older people for the celebration. They may have been in a successful relationship for years when their partner suddenly passed away. In the past, many of them were content to spend their remaining life without another partner. Modern times have changed that outlook. Many older people now begin dating after a suitable amount of time for mourning. They know they were not meant to be alone for the rest of their life.

Younger people are often confused about what they really want in a partner. They do not have the knowledge, experience, or wisdom when they begin dating to find a life partner. They must experiment and learn what they want and need. Older people have experience with life and know their own wants and needs. If they were in a relationship that lasted for decades, they know what they want in a partner. They also know what they do not want.

It may appear as if the older person will limit their ability to find a new partner. This is untrue because many of them will quickly disengage from a partner that does not suit them. Rather than wasting time, they are quick to move on and find the person they want. This saves them from investing in a relationship that will never work for them. It limits the amount of suffering and heartbreak they will experience.

Sharing fun times and responsibilities is often what older daters are seeking. They know that life should be lived with gusto, and they want a partner to share it. These people are also aware that not being responsible often comes at a high cost.

They are willing to wait and find a partner that can satisfy both of these criteria before making a commitment. In the end, older daters are able to find the partner they want and need with a surprising amount of speed and accuracy.

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The Best Celebration Nature With Your Christmas Tree

Have you looked out into your backyard lately?

If you do, you might notice that it’s at this time of the year that the birds and even the squirrels, are scrounging around for food as well as for nesting material because just like you, they need to prepare for the winter ahead.

Now, if you celebrated Christmas with a real Christmas tree or even a holiday wreath made from natural materials, you are probably getting ready to dispose of them in the very near future.

So, this can be a win-win solution for both you and the birds, because there is a way for you to recycle what you have into something they need to have. Just pass that used Christmas tree and slightly dried-out holiday wreath, down the food chain, and re-gift them to some of nature’s neediest and smallest creatures. Give them as gifts to the birds and squirrels, and you will be celebrating nature in the process.

How to Prepare the Tree to Bring Outdoors

  • Take all the ornaments, lights, and decorations off the tree. If you used tinsel or icicles, make sure you remove them all.
  • Decide on where you plan on setting up the tree outdoors.
  • Place the base of the tree in a bucket, then fill the bucket with sand, stones, or water if the water will freeze to ice when placed outside. Or, you can always leave the tree in its indoor tree stand.

How to Trim the Tree for the Birds

Basically, you can use just about any of your holiday leftovers as tree trimmings. The birds and even squirrels aren’t too picky when it comes to our table scraps. Even what we consider small portions is useful to them. Here are a few decorating suggestions to help you get started.

  • Bread, the harder the better, cut into smaller pieces. – Attach by hanging with string or stick on the branches using peanut butter.
  • Donuts, pastry, or crackers are favorites, plain or covered with peanut butter and rolled in bird seeds. – Hang with string or yarn, or attach with peanut butter.
  • Oranges or tangerines, cut into slices, and hung on the tree branches.
  • Apples and pears, cut into slices, and hung on the tree branches.
  • Cranberries on a string. – Hang like garland on the Christmas tree.
  • Popcorn on a string. – Hang like garland on the tree.
  • Pieces of string and yarn attached to the tree. – Used for nesting material.

You can use all of these items to decorate a wreath as well. Just make sure that there are no items used that contain glitter or paint. We’re doing this nature’s way, all-natural.

So there you have it a fantastic way for you and the entire family, to celebrate nature as we near the end of this season of holiday celebrations.

Have fun! I’m quite sure the birds and squirrels will.